Fake Citizen Card

The most advanced form of Fake ID we provide, and at a competitive rate too!

We push our production process to its absolute limits in creating these Citizen Cards with authentic detailing. Fashioned from PVC just as the authentic ones are, the specification used for these IDs is precisely the same as in numerous countries, worldwide. Our printing equipment also reaches those high industry standards, giving you a replication of real IDs that most can’t possibly notice as fake!

Give yourself the license to drive speedboats professionally and receive one with 2 high-definition photographs on different layers of the front of the ID alongside your scanned signature – and this is just the start of the features we make available to you! Just like the other high-quality products we produce, this Citizen card comes with a holographic top layer, highly secure and top-of-the-range. This hologram shifts in colour and shape when moved under light, providing a level of authenticity sure to fool you and your pals!

Think that’s all we’ve got? No way! Here’s our newest feature for customers that really want to impress. Should you elect to put it in, your card can contain our new UV security feature to make your fake ID seem entirely real. Your choice of light-sensitive image can be applied to each side of the card using a UV dye. Indeed, just like on a passport and other forms of real ID!

This is the very best you can get in the world of fake IDs. Not only that, but like all our other novelty cards it can be customised in any way you can think of! Put in whatever name or occupation you might want, play practical jokes on your friends, or just have a new identity for that party coming up. Maybe if you seemed like a mysterious globetrotter you might finally get noticed by that one you’ve had your eye on for a while? Or maybe get a load for you and the crew and have something to show for all the great times you’ve shared? Can’t afford all the planes and hotels for travelling? No problem, people only go away for the instagram likes anyway these days! Get this Citizen Card and it’ll seem like you’ve been on adventures to all kinds of places.

Save yourself money with FakeID UK today!

Disclaimer: This fake citizen card is a novelty product with no official status. Consider this briefly when ordering.