Fake Corporate ID

Dazzle potential co-workers with this fake Corporate ID!

As is the norm for Fake ID UK cards, this Corporate ID card has been expertly-crafted to the highest of standards. Our fake Corporate ID cards incorporate a signature strip, issue date, photograph and plausible barcode. Not to mention the secure holographic overlay produced with the absolute best technology available in fake ID production, enabling the holographic layer to alter its colour and shape when moved under light. This attention to detail will give your corporate ID a real quality finish.

If you really want to show the people at that networking evening who’s boss – and why it might be you – why not opt in for the additional UV security feature our brand new equipment lets us put into our cards? We add a layer to each side of the card featuring your choice of UV light sensitive image in a special dye. This layer becomes visible under a UV black light scanner, providing an air of security and professionalism that nobody could deny.

These fake Corporate ID cards are some of our most popular fake IDs – and who could wonder why? Customisable beyond your wildest dreams, you could put in any name you could think of and start the fun right there! Want to seem like a real high-flier? Why not become a google employee? Or a stone-cutter? Already built up those connections? Then start your own corporation and get some for the people you’d want at the top – your friends. This fake Corporate ID is simply the best quality you could want. Just look at all the available features you can get at just £15!

  • Entirely customisable
  • Scanned signature
  • Free holographic layer
  • Your choice of issue date
  • Your choice of barcode
  • Optional Scannable UV Security Layer
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Disclaimer: This fake citizen card is a novelty product with no official status. Consider this briefly when ordering.