Fake Driving License

Our fake International Drivers License is one of our all-time best selling cards – and it’s no surprise why. Like all our fake ID cards available, it’s completely customisable and has been designed to look and feel as authentic as possible.

Our fake driving license has been expertly crafted, like all our fake ID cards, and designed to our exacting standards. All of our fake driving licenses can be customised to include a printed photograph, a scanned signature strip, an issue date, a realistic-looking barcode and a hologram overlay. As is standard with all our fake ID cards, we use the most advanced technology possible to create a brilliant and customisable card that works practically and aesthetically, so you won’t have to keep splashing card on renewing broken or shoddily made cards.

Like all our cards, our high-quality fake driving license is completely customisable. You can make this a license for absolutely anything, from a penny farthing for your grandfather (if you dare!), to making you and your friends professional F1 drivers for the evening, or to becoming the one and only registered user of the Millennium Falcon.
We use high quality PVC for our cards, so your fake driving license will be just as durable and have the same feel as the original versions. We also use specialised colour shifting ink to ensure that we use the same technology and high standards as official versions. We believe in providing a high standard, both in our products and in our customer service, and we aim to deliver a product that fully exceeds your initial expectations. FakeID.uk aims to provide as fast a turnaround as possible and aims to get your novelty card to the customer as soon as possible. Our printing and dispatch process is a high efficient cycle, and your card will arrive as quickly as possible and in tip-top condition.