Scannable Fake ID

At FakeId.UK, we make sure that our techniques are the best in the business, and that our novelty ID cards use all the same technology and standards as the official documents use. All of our fake IDs are made to be as realistic and authentic as possible and all our fake IDs can scan.

All of our fake IDs are scannable and will work in bars, clubs, and restaurants. Our scannable fake IDs have been produced to our high standards and have been made to superior product designs. We ensure that your scannable fake ID is made to the latest technological specifications to provide you with the right card in the correct format. A recent update to our methods include UV light sensitive cards printed with UV visible patterns, and all our cards are printed at a very high resolution in a high-quality and well-presented format. We can include top quality hologram overlays as well, making your fake ID that scans looking as good as possible.

We offer fake IDs that scan with an incomparable durability through our use of industry standard PVC and the best prices that can be found online. Using our experience and knowledge, our friendly team will create the perfectly designed fake IDs that scan to suit your requirement. We offer a wide range of novelty ID cards – take your pick, let us create it, and we are sure you won’t be disappointed with your scannable fake ID. We pride ourselves on our ability to deliver an end product that you are pleased with and fully exceeds your initial expectations.

FakeID.UK aims to provide as fast a turnaround as possible, and customers should expect their fake ID that scans to arrive quickly and in tip-top condition. Our highly efficient production and creation cycle will see it arrives faster than you thought possible – so why not take your pick and try us out today?