Getting A Fake ID

Just search the words ‘how to get a fake ID’ and you’ll be beset with a million and one search results. But finding out which site actually offers what they say they have and finding good quality novelty ID can be a tricky business. There a lots of sites and message boards that seemingly tell you where and how to get a fake ID, but how can you tell what’s what and what’s a scam? There are many places that seem to tell you where to get a fake ID but a few little tips will help you save your pennies for a good quality fake ID.

The first thing you should do is avoid any sites that advertise themselves with having IDs that can be used for illegal purposes. Novelty ID cards, that are made to look realistic but are not sold as being substitutes for the genuine thing, are legal. Cards that are made to resemble government issued IDs and licenses are not legal, and are not worth your time or your money. They may end you up in trouble or the site may be shut down after they take your cash – either way, don’t trust them. The same goes for sites using freeware hosting – they are not reliable.

Avoid searching for ‘where to find fake ID’ on a message board such as reddit, as the links you find are nearly always a blatant scam – and it’s certainly not a good idea to send them your order and your money on the off chance that they’re not! The best sites selling novelty IDs are to be found based in the UK, and offer photo cards printed onto PVC, plastic, or Teslin. Make sure that the company you’re looking into offers cards with microprinting, UV lighting, and hologram overlays. Good, reputable sites will use high quality photos of their novelty ID cards, so avoid ordering from sites that use screenshots to hide the poor quality of their IDs. Sites offering good quality novelty IDs should also have clear contact details, so that customers can talk about their orders and any issues that they may need solving.

We at FakeId.UK pride ourselves on our turnaround, quality, and customer service. We believe in providing a high standard of customer service and pride ourselves on producing a product that always exceeds the expectations of our customers. Why not find out today what we can do for you – let us create your fake ID, and we’re sure that you won’t be disappointed.