What Happens When You Use A Fake ID For The Wrong Reasons – A Bouncers Eye View & What To Avoid

Fake ID.UK

TV shows and movies tend to paint a pretty glamorous picture surrounding the use of fake IDs and often times they get away with it, having fooled the system as it were. But what really happens when you use fake ID? Can bouncers really tell that they’re a fake, as they like us to believe? Well yes and no.

If you use a cheap and untrusted supplier, there’s a big chance that the ID card you buy will be pretty clearly a fake. Using these suppliers is always a massive risk due to the possibility of being scammed with no legal protection as well as the possibility of ending up with a poorly made, knock off fake ID card.

First things first; we don’t condone the use of our fake ID’s to attempt any sort of misrepresentation, fraud or otherwise criminal activities. That being said, we strive to make all of our ID cards as realistic as possible, but of course, purely for novelty purposes.

So what do the bouncers really see? Bouncers see thousands of pieces of ID every week, so they tend to get pretty good at noticing the fakes. When thousands of pieces of ID pass through their hands every week, they become pretty good at weeding out the fraudsters and underage visitors.

Despite bouncers being able to tell when an ID isn’t real a lot of the time, technology has become a hindrance as well as an aid to bouncers and vendors. Our cards pass the scan test and are complete with holograms, creating a genuine feel of authenticity that even a bouncer wouldn’t notice!

What makes it obvious?

So what sorts of things make it obvious to a bouncer? What sort of things should you avoid doing? If you are on a night out in New York with a group of friends and there are a few of you entering at different times with Hawaii driving licences, chances are the bouncers will clock on and confiscate your ID cards and ruin your night out.

When you are ordering your fake novelty ID, make sure that you are using a trusted supplier and that you are following all of the same guidelines as would be required if applying for a real version of the same form of ID. Having two people in a licence photograph, or having a holiday snap as your photo probably isn’t the best idea and will result in you being caught out. Cheap isn’t always best, and it’s important to make sure that your supplier understands the needs and regulations surrounding the issue of the real versions of the ID that you are applying for.

It is amateur mistakes like these that make a bouncers job that much easier, and your struggle that much more real. So to avoid facing the same consequences, take note of the guidance above and make sure that you have a real chance.